Marco Silvi | Music
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“Discipline? No. The Joy of practicing leeds you to the celebration of the creation.”

(Cecile Taylor)



Pianist, composer and teacher, he was born in Rome and began his professional music studies during his stay in Madrid in 2004. He graduated in jazz piano in 2013 at the “Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Frosinone and in June 2016 he obtained the qualification to teaching Music Learning Theory according to Edwin E. Gordon, and becomes a teacher associated with the Auditing Institute. He followed several jazz specialization seminars such as InJazz Fabriano, Jazz in Laurino, Labro InJazz and Siena Jazz Summer, where he had the opportunity to meet and study with Franco D’Andrea, Danilo Rea, Barry Harris, John Taylor, Kenny Werner and others.

Music for your ears

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